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Identity assurance through trusted documents and biometric


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Prove identity easily

Private data is kept confidential

Registration forms auto-filled


Customer-friendly KYC

Effective privacy compliance

Higher registration conversions

Easy access to websites and apps

Fewer passwords to remember

Online accounts are secure


Lower friction authentication

Lower cost of managing credentials

Fewer security breaches

Protection against identity theft

Transactions are accepted

Better checkout experience


Less fraud and repudiations

Recover more transactions

Less conversion leakage

Linking physical documentation to web identity

Once an idQ is created, an individual can share their idQ with an enterprise, a government, or even another individual (i.e., a relying party) instead of disclosing their underlying identity data.

How Does the idQ Work

idQ is a fusion of six types of identity data: biographic, biometric, technical/environmental, behavioral, social, and documents. Individuals own their idQ and can adjust or delete it at any time.

  • Documental
  • Biographical
  • Biometrical
  • Technical
  • Behavioral
  • Social
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Happy Customers

Online transactions are
faster, easier, and safer.

Easy Access

Just a few key strokes on a mobile device
shares your idQ and confirms your identity.

Reduce Fraud

Decreased occurrence of unauthorized transactions
and security breaches.

with any device or platform. Easily adapt to all of your
customers' needs.